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Museum of National Resistance in Koryschades.

In the village school, in May 1944, the National Council met which came from the First Free Elections. Since then, the school building has been classified as a preserved monument and a photography exhibition operates in it. It is 9 km from Megalo Chorio.


Vinian Museum.

On March 10, 1944, the 'Government of the Mountain', the first Government of Free Greece, was established in the school building of the village of Palaia Viniani. Since then it has been classified as a museum monument where there is a lot of photographic material as well as printed material from the time, referring to the games and the Capital of Free Greece, Viniani. It is 38 km from Megalo Chorio.


Folklore Museum of Megalo Chorio.

The museum hosts traditional costumes, household items, works of artistic creation.


Folklore Museum of Agia Triada.

In the museum there are traditional costumes, old objects and tools. Of great interest is the library that operates in the house of Chrysostomos Karapiperis with 8,000 books. Megalo Chorio is 25 km away.


Folklore and Historical Museum of Domnista.

It has a multitude of old objects and archival photographic material. It is 31km away. from `Megalo Horio'.


Folklore Museum of Granitsa.

In the village, since 1970, the museum with objects of folk art and the library of Papantoniou and Granitsa have been operating. It is 90 km from Megalo Chorio.


Museum in the Old Small Village.

It has rare photographic material from the landslide of the village in 1963, photographic material and exhibits related to the resistance, pieces from the printing press that existed, traditional costumes as well as ancient exhibits, ceramics, a library. It is 6 km from Megalo Chorio.


Proussou Monastery Museum

The monastery houses an interesting museum with many historical and religious exhibits such as 15th and 16th century books, manuscript codices, printed books, a sword from 1821 that may have belonged to Karaiskakis, many vestments, church utensils and icons. It is 23 km from Megalo Chorio.


Tatarna Monastery Museum

It has a library with 633 publications. Also preserved are some remarkable publications from 1544-1578 that have been published in Vienna, Venice and other European cities as well as the mosaic icon 'The King of Glory', which dates back to 1350. It is 80 km. from Megalo Chorio.



Manolis bridge on the road to Paleokatunos
Vinianis Bridge with access from Stenoma
Templas Bridge on the road from Topoliana to Lepiana
Golden Bridges
Despot's bridge in Karpenisi



Katsantoni Cave, near the village of Monastiraki Agrafon
Apokleistras Cave near the village of Kastania
Cave of Mesokomi
Mavri Spilia near the village of Prussos




Early Christian Church of Agios Leonidis

It is located in Clausi and dates back to around the 5th century. The mosaic of the 28 m long and 18 m wide floor is magnificent with wonderful performances, decorative designs and colors. A hymnal and the Holy Altar were also saved.


Church of Panagia of Stana

In Epiniana Agrafon, built on a steep rock, remains one of the most remarkable monuments of the Agrafio landscape.


Holy Transfiguration Monastery of Sotira

In Eastern Franciscan, it has rare frescoes of Byzantine art while the iconostasis is a wood carving from 1737.


Church of Agios Nikolaos the New from Vounenis

In Closed. Here is kept a case about seven centuries old, containing a rare relic, the hand of the Great Apostle Saint Luke the Evangelist.


Saint Paraskevi in Vrangiana (1605).

It functioned as the Greek Museum of Manuscripts - School of Gouva, a university of the time where Cosmas the Aetolos also taught.




Panagia in Prousos (1100)

According to tradition, the foundation is placed in 829-842 AD. and is connected with the adventures and appearance of the Holy Icon of the Virgin Mary from Bursa of Bithynia in Asia Minor in the cave of Evrytania. The first fifty years of the 9th century have been established as the founding time. In the monastery, apart from the icon, the Church and the individual buildings, the monastery clock and the chapel of All Saints (1754) are noteworthy.

South of All Saints, the famous "School of Greek Letters", a school of Higher Letters, is preserved to this day.


Nativity of the Virgin in Tatarna (1555)

This monastery has been destroyed and rebuilt about four times. Despite all these disasters, many rare and precious sacred relics were saved. It has a library with 633 publications.

Mary of Egypt in Mikro Chorio


Domnian Monastery - Dormition of the Virgin.

It is one of the most important Post-Byzantine monuments with a valuable contribution to the Nation and Orthodoxy. The Church dates back to the 16th century. In the NW part of the main Church, a small amount of holy water comes out at a depth of 2 meters from the floor on the eve of the Fifteenth of August and its effusion lasts for 2 days.


Historic Sites:

Tourla Hill in Stenoma, remains of an old castle.
Location of battle between Lepeniotis and Suleiman Toti in Papadia.
Fournas Square where Lepeniotis, Katsantonis's brother, was murdered in 1815.
Ancient settlement of Gla, in the village of Hochlia, where a statuette of Dionysus was found.
Koukia position in Vracha, where Karaiskakis fought the Turks.
Peak of Voulgara, in Kletsos, where in 996 AD Samuel's Bulgarians, who were retreating after their defeat in Lamia, were completely defeated by the Evrytans.
"Liazbei" location in Koritsa Kletsou.
The house of Skarpi in Megalo Chorio where the two Kastanio heroes fought against the Turks until their final fall.
Kaliakouda peak between Megalo Chorio and Aniada where the battle of the same name took place on 28-8-1823 with the Greeks defeated.
Ano Logoves position in Paleo Mikro Chorio, where on 24-12-1942 13 Greek patriots were executed by Nazi troops.
Karaiskaki Towers in Proussos.
Paliokastro site in Koryschades, where traces of an old fortress are preserved.
The site of Kaminia in Koryschades, where weapons of war were supposedly made in ancient times.
Location Ag. Nikolaos in Klapsi where there are remains of an ancient settlement
Location "Kokkalia" on the route to Crikello, where in 279 BC a great battle took place between the Aetolians and the Gauls
Remains of ancient Fantino in Domnista.
Castle "Ktisma" in Zagora, Psiana village, built with huge stones.
Livini Hill near the village of Stefani where in 1684 there was a fierce battle with the Turks. 19. Location
Location "Kastri" in the village of Fidakia, where the ancient Oichalia is placed by some
Aroniada settlement, at the bridge of Megdova, where many ancient and Byzantine finds.
Position of St. Georgios in Palaia Viniani where there are remains of an ancient Fortress.
"Kyfos" site in Mavromata where there is a plateau with many remains of a pre-Christian settlement.
"Kastraki" location in Kerasochori with traces of an ancient settlement.
Tsoukas Castle dating back to the pre-Christian era.
Tsoukas Castle.
Castles of Velaora where there is a tradition that a golden pig with ten piglets was found.

27. Kyparissi Prassia settlement where the cypress under which Patro-Kosmas taught is preserved.

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